Where do we meet?

I am based in Santa Monica, CA, but I work with students all over the country via phone, e-mail and Skype as well.


How long is each session?

We meet for one hour at a time, typically weekly, either in-person or electronically.  Drafts are traded between the student and myself through Google Docs to keep the process moving forward. Most essays require five hours for a polished completion, but the time varies widely depending on where the student is in the process. 


What if I have no idea what to write?

You are not alone! I will ask you a wide range of questions about your background, personal experiences and more. From those notes, we’ll explore the strongest possibilities for whatever prompt or essay you are working on. 


I wrote an essay but I don’t like it. Can I start over?

Of course.  And you probably should. If you don’t feel strongly about what you write, you can’t make the reader care. We’ll find a new story or approach.


Can you help me with all my essays?

Yes. I offer a number of different packages: 

Common Application (Three drafts plus final polish of ONE 650-word essay)  

I am also available to work on private school supplements, billed separately by number of supplements requested.  

UC Personal Insight Questions (Three drafts plus final polish of FOUR  350-word essays)  

College Selection Analysis and List: Testing/questionnaire/In-depth research to ultimately recommend 10-12 schools with proper academic, social, geographic and financial fit. Research will include appraisal of minimum of 40-50 schools. The final list will include pros and cons, special programs, likelihood of merit aid and tailored points of interest for student.  

How does it work financially?

Packages vary in price, and can be tailored to your student's needs. I am happy to work with families to provide exactly what a student requires. Billing is split in half, with 50% at beginning of services and 50% upon completion. 


Wherever you are in the process, YourEssayExpert can help...







Think you've got nothing to say? 

I'm here to prove you wrong. Through interview and questionnaire, we'll find great essay options for you. 



Good stories can suffer from lack of focus and poor organization. That won't happen to you. 

YourEssayExpert will build a roadmap for you to follow from lead sentence to last line. 



Every writer needs a good editor and I'll be yours. It's my job to give you the feedback you need through the revision process so your essay is letter-perfect.